The Secret to Glowing Holiday Skin!


Once upon a time, you’d have to go away on a long exotic holiday to get that gorgeous, healthy-looking glow that everyone is after today. But now, with the like of Instagram and SnapChat, everyone needs that glow before they go away, so they can be photo ready for snaps by the pool, on the beach, by the bar…you know, anything to make the folks back home green with envy!

This week on #SkinTheKnow, we’re giving you the inside scoop on how to get perfect summer skin before your next big trip, so that you can be ready for anything.

Introducing the EnerPeel® MA

Mandelic Acid is a slow-absorbing, gently exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid. It is originally isolated from almonds, but perfected in a lab, meaning that people with nut allergies can still benefit from treating themselves to an MA. In almonds, mandelic acid protects the nut from viruses, bacteria and fungi, a feature that can also be a great help to our skin too, keeping you free from pre-holiday ‘break-outs’. Its ability to control the hyperdilation of surface blood vessels also makes it ideal for those suffering from rosacea, and as we all know, UV can be a serious trigger for rosacea flare-ups, making EnerPeel® the perfect choice for rosacea sufferers or those prone to reddening.


Remember, it’s the fact that it’s perfected in a lab that gives it amazing results – just rubbing almonds on your face will not do your skin any good!

Acne TripleLock® – All-encompassing acne solution, offering 85% success rates even amongst difficult to treat patients

Rosacea TripleLock® – Targeting all causes and symptoms of rosacea in just 8 weeks.

A lot of people are wary, or warn against, getting a chemical peel in the build-up to Summer due to fear of the effect of the sun on the freshly peeled skin, but EnerPeel® is not your average peel! Its rejuvenating effects are almost instant, delivering fresher, smoother skin with almost no downtime, meaning that with a high SPF sunscreen – which by the way, you should already be wearing every day, see our previous article for more details – you’ll be good to go and enjoy the summer sun. It’s even been called the Lunchtime Peel; that’s how little time it takes!

The beauty of EnerPeel® is that is also increases your skin’s absorbability, meaning that the SPF sunscreen you use will soak deeper into the skin for more even tanning, and the smoother texture of your skin means that your makeup will adhere so much better – and you won’t even need to wear as much because your skin will already look fab! That’s one less thing to worry about while you’re away!

Sunwards® SPF 30 Face Cream – Ultimate sun protection from but UVa and UVb rays, without irritation from chemical sun filters.

Rosacure Intensive SPF 30 – Rosacea targeting ingredients, combined with Factor 30 sun protection

Now we all know that holidays tend to be times when we let ourselves go a little and leave the diet at the airport to pick up again when you get home. And why shouldn’t you? Holidays are a time to treat yourself, live a little, and maybe have one too many cocktails at the hotel bar. The drawback is the hit that this can take on your immune system, which can often show on your face, potentially ruining your otherwise gorgeous holiday snaps. EnerPeel® MA will prevent these little holiday ‘break-outs’, keeping your skin clear and smooth, while you still get to push the boat out.


Disclaimer: Other side-effects caused by drinking too many cocktails cannot be prevented by having an EnerPeel before you go!

So, to sum up…

It gives you fresh, younger-looking skin, that will better absorb your sunscreen and tan more evenly.

It’s perfect for helping to control rosacea in time for your next summer holiday, and, with the right aftercare, can provide outstanding results to manage your rosacea symptoms long-term.

It prevents holiday break-outs from eating – and drinking! – too much and can be combined with an acne protocol to control acne by fighting all causes and symptoms.

The treatment lasts around ten minutes or less – a perfect little luxury to indulge in on your lunch break before your next sunny getaway.

Your skin will be cleansed, refreshed, brighter, incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, making it the ideal treatment prior to a garden party, holiday or a summers evening ‘get together’.

EnerPeel MA

Your ticket to gorgeous, glowing, summer skin

In short, it’s the perfect all-around chemical peel for summer, to give your skin that extra holiday glow, and that’s only after one treatment! A course of up to four treatments will also offer you the outstanding anti-ageing benefits of using MA, increasing collagen and elastin deposition, smoothing fine lines and tightening skin.

The EnerPeel® range is available from SkinMed® accredited clinics all across the country; to find your nearest clinic or for any further information, simply give us a call on 0333 247 2474, and a member of our dedicated clinical team will be able to point you in the right direction.

Reverse the Signs of Ageing with One of Our Most Powerful Anti-Ageing Solutions Yet…

You may have heard of “free-radicals”, they’re being talked about a lot recently in the aesthetics industry and for good reason. There is a theory called the Free-Radical Theory of Ageing (FRTA) that states that organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time. These are produced in the skin from bodily functions and sun exposure as well as from high levels of toxic fumes in big cities, so we are exposed to them every day.

However, there is a free radical called superoxide which cannot be neutralised by antioxidants, which is why we have an enzyme in our skin known as SOD (superoxide dismutase) which changes the superoxide radical making it susceptible to antioxidants like vitamin C. As we age our SOD skin levels reduce and so we are more vulnerable to superoxide damage.

The revolutionary Synchrovit C has just been welcomed with open arms to our online range and is now available for you to buy. This powerful combination of the most powerful form of vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid) and superoxide dismutase enables you to target 100% of the free radicals, providing a highly effective anti-ageing solution that improves elasticity and firmness, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone and brightness and reduces dark marks giving your face a fantastic boost over the summer months. These two delicate ingredients have significantly reduced activity when placed in a cream or solution and so we keep them in a vacuum sealed capsule in the lid of the bottles and they are only released into the solution when a bottle is opened. The serum in each bottle only contains zinc, another powerful antioxidant but importantly zinc trebles the activity of l-ascorbic acid and zinc is needed for SOD to work.

With Synchrovit C, you receive a pack of 6 bottles containing the serum with a powder which is held within the cap. The serum is activated by tightening the cap which opens the capsule and drops the powder into the serum combining the three ingredients needed to activate the unique anti-ageing system. Each bottle, when activated, lasts 7-14 days (usage dependent, but remains active for at least two weeks) , giving you around 4 to 8 weeks of treatment, leaving your skin highly rejuvenated and feeling fresher than ever. So when you finish one bottle you activate the next ensuring your skin receives fresh active vitamin c and SOD.

It’s currently at a fantastic price of just £39.95, the regular RRP is £144 so now’s the time to take advantage of this offer, click here to buy.