Beware of Bacteria on Mobile Phones Causing Skin Problems

We come into contact with bacteria all day every day but our mobile phones are growing them out of control.

Mobile phones are not only covered in germs, they are also harbouring bacteria resulting in the possibility of major skin problems, which isn’t the best news to hear as most of us are now pretty much dependent on our mobile phones.


Mobile phones can be covered with a variety of different things:


·         Sweat

·         Make-up

·         Anything on your hands

·         Germs from places you’ve put your phone


Mobile phones are contaminated with more bacteria than a toilet according to one study.

Dermatologist Christine Stanko from Bryn Mawr Dermatology explains how mobile phones are more dangerous than you think and that the germs on them are linked to a number of different skin problems. Stanko says “staph and strep are the two most common, when someone talks on their cell phones its occluding their face, all that bacteria is getting on to their skin surface and it’s microscopic.”

This is the kind of disgusting bacteria that can clog pores causing acne and melanoma, two things that can strike at any age.

Mobile phones can also trigger an allergic reaction in some people causing a rash as they are allergic to nickel which is used to make mobile phones. If you suffer from this type of rash, try our Sensicure Cream Gel which reduces the feeling of skin tightness that is often associated with burning and stinging sensations through its powerful soothing, desensitising and hydrating action.

Most of the skin issues related to cell phones can be resolved with topical treatments and we advise cleaning your phone with an anti-bacterial wipe at least once a day. We recommend our Aknicare range for the treatment of acne, the superb antibacterial action stops new spots forming and has a spot reducing & calming action without using antibiotics.

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