Free Radicals could be a New Reason Why You’re Breaking Out


The most common topical treatments for acne whether it’s salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or retinol try to reduce the blockages by either exfoliating the skin or in the case of retinol reduce the rate at which new skin cells are produced, all in an effort to stop the blocking of the hair follicle ducts, which then become colonised by bacteria and this leads to spots. We continue to blame breakouts blame our breakouts on the same thing, and this is the main cause whereby excessive skin thickening combined with sebum, dirt and bacteria are the culprits.

However, The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology recently published a study which shows that there may be a new reason contributing to your breakouts. This reason being free radicals. Free radicals are generated through many ways but they only form when chemical reactions occur involving oxygen. UV energy also leads to their production in the skin and they also figure in air pollution.  We know free radicals can cause havoc in the skin through destroying collagen, exciting pigment production leading dark spots, damaging DNA and now also contributing to inflammation with acne. Inflammation can lead to swelling and increased the blocking of hair follicles. Josh Zeichner, M.D., NYC dermatologist and director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mt. Sinai Hospital gives us an explanation for this new discovery by stating that “free radicals cause inflammation in the skin, this blocks pores and leads to the development of pimples.”

In order now to help acne breakouts, an acne product within antioxidant ingredients may be part of the answer as they carry out two jobs; neutralise free radicals and help repair the skin. Aknicare Lotion and Cream has three antioxidants as well as the antibacterial and sebum slowing ingredients. However as free radicals are just one part of an acne breakout, don’t say goodbye to your other acne skincare solutions just yet. Zeichner goes on to explain how free radicals are not a primary cause of acne, instead more of an exacerbating factor. In other words, if you’re an acne sufferer then free radicals are just going to make it worse. However, help is at hand so you don’t have to hide away indoors forever. Most anti-acne treatments use ingredients which have some sort of anti-inflammatory benefit so these can help. We recommend using Akincare, an Acne Treatment Range which has a superb antibacterial action without using antibiotics. It stops new spots forming and has a spot reducing & calming action. It also reduces oil by an average of 53%. Evidence & Testimonials available. As free radicals are generated by infecting bacteria and contribute to their inflammation of a spot the Aknicare Skin Roller has additional antioxidants and anti inflammatories to bring down a swollen unsightly spot within hours.

Another benefit of using antioxidants is that they also help slow down the signs of skin ageing. Synchrovit C is an anti-aging serum which targets the most powerful free radical, superoxide and the free radical which causes most UV induced skin damage and cannot be neutralised by other antioxidants.

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