Why Showering with Soap Could be Harming your health

Chemicals strip away the bacteria that keep us free from acne and eczema, expert claims!

Most of us wouldn’t dream of going a day without showering with soap. But being too clean could actually be harming our health, one US doctor claims. Washing with soap every day could affect our immunity, says Dr Robyn Chutkan, of the Digestive Center for Women.

Dr Chukan, who is author of The Microbiome Solution, says ‘it strips our skin of the bacteria that keeps us free from conditions like acne and eczema. The human body has trillions of bacteria on its skin, and in the gut, known as the microbiome, whose delicate balance affect our health. Regular contact with grime, rather than being harmful, teaches these communities of bacteria how to tell the difference between friendly germs and harmful pathogens.’

The best wash that is recommended by SkinMed for Acne is Aknicare® Gentle Cleansing Gel which is the innovative concept in cleansing; specially formulated for skin prone to acne and spots and also for oily skin.

Aknicare® Gentle Cleansing Gel contains two special ingredients: MSM and Triethyl Citrate. MSM has calming and soothing properties and Triethyl Citrate (works like retinol) changes the skin conditions to help normalise skin thickening by slowing down excessive production of new skin cells and help reduce the deposition of soft keratin in the surface layer of the skin which also causes increased skin thickening and congestion.

Aknicare® Gentle Cleansing Gel has a gentle cleansing action and tones the skin for Aknicare® Lotion and Cream using a form of silicone (which does not make inflamed skin more sensitive). The cleansing action is very thorough but gentle and can be used without water. Use Aknicare® Gentle Cleansing Gel on younger and more delicate skins in the comedic (pimple) phase.

Aknicare® Cleanser can be used for those who do require an exfoliating wash but younger skin types and delicate skins don’t normally need exfoliation and should use Aknicare® Gentle Cleansing Gel. Aknicare® Cleanser is a traditional cleanser made up by a blend of surface-acting detergents and exfoliating agents.

‘Most anti-bacterial soaps are filled with harsh chemicals that upset the balance of bacteria on the skin, and washing with anything other than water is largely unnecessary, as the only places that need daily soaping are the armpits and the groin. The rest of the body can simply be rinsed – even after a sweaty workout’ she said. ‘Dirt doesn’t cause disease—but repeatedly killing off the good bacteria on our skin may actually harm our immunity. During cold and flu season, people should be more cautious, washing their hands regularly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds’ she added. ‘Washing in this way dislodges viruses and bacteria. Hand sanitizers are also unnecessary, unless you’ve been hanging out in an Ebola ward, the vast majority of microbes on your skin and hands are not virulent germs that cause serious infection; they’re harmless bacteria that won’t hurt you.’

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