The Best Acne Treatment Revealed

People have different skin types. Due to the pollution and stress we all have to deal with everyday, having a pimple is normal. But before it gets worse, what are the best acne treatments on the market?

Let us first discuss how acne is developed on a person’s skin. Acne is a very broad term and there a number of reasons why it appears on our skin. Contrary to the myth that acne is more prevalent in teenagers; pimples, whiteheads and blackheads can hit us at any age.

Use the right amount of soap for your skin. When choosing a soap to cleanse your face, make sure it’s suitable for your skin type. Aknicare Cleanser exfoliates and reduces bacterial levels, deeply cleaning the skin, removing debris and surface oil and unblocking pores, which is great for more robust mature skin. For younger and more delicate skin which does not require exfoliation Aknicare Gentle cleansing gel calms angry skin while cleansing and toning with non-irritating ingredients.

The Aknicare System is the complete solution to control acne

  • Effectively Reduce Oil Production (the only topical treatment proven to do so) – prevents oily skin and stops blockages developing
  • Effectively Reduce Skin Thickening – by normalizing skin cell production rather than stripping the skin to keep the hair follicle ducts open
  • Effectively Control and Reduce Acne Bacteria – without causing antibiotic resistant strains and protecting good skin and gut bacteria
  • Effectively Reduce Inflammation FAST – to reduce scarring risk and un-slightly inflamed spots

After preparing the skin with Aknicare Cleanser or Gentle cleansing gel, Aknicare Lotion, the main active acne-reducing solution dramatically reduces oil production and skin thickening and controls acne bacteria, and inflammation ensuring spots just don’t happen. Aknicare Lotion should be used in conjunction with the Aknicare Cream, which supports the Aknicare Lotion in changing the skin from within to prevent spots.

Aknicare Cream has immense hydrating properties and provides an alternate moisture barrier. Working with the Lotion and the Cream also reduces oil production, skin thickening and stops new spots appearing. Aknicare Cream also contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents.

This really is the best acne treatment around and it does not use antibiotics, or benzoyl peroxide, or even retinols.

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