Puzzled about Pimples?

Is Acne a thing of the past or are your random breakouts saying otherwise? Hormones and stress aren’t the only factors to blame for those pesky pimples. Here are pimple-causing things you should take note of. Read on and zap those zits forever.


f you notice red, rash-like bumps around your mouth, it could be the result of a condition called perioral dermatitis. It’s said to be an allergy caused by fluoride found in toothpaste; you will be able to tell if the cause of this is brushing your pearly whites, because if you brush with your right hand for example, you will invariably develop these red marks on the left side of your mouth. To counteract this allergy, try using fluoride free toothpaste for a couple weeks.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones aren’t exactly the root cause of acne break-outs, however greasy fingers on our beloved handheld devices mean that when we put them to our face, could mean we’re transferring bacteria onto our faces; it’s a well-known fact that bacteria can exacerbate acne colonising the blocked hair follicle ducts causing infection and inflammation. What to do? You can in fact clean your phone, take a wet wipe that doesn’t contain alcohol or bleach, and wipe the phone thoroughly. A hand sanitiser will work too to kill the germs on it. Repeat daily or as necessary.

Over-the-ear headphones

So, you’re a music fanatic and take your headphones everywhere and, as a result, they’re collecting tons of bacteria and germs in the process. Plus, by their very nature, they’re constantly rubbing against your skin when you put them on and take them off; they could contribute and exacerbate existing acne breakouts, so , use earphones you say? Even these can cause dreaded acne breakouts, the earphone cables themselves may be riddled with bacteria, and whilst rubbing on your jaw will contribute in terms of exacerbating an acne breakout. To keep grubby transfers from your favourite accessories to a minimum, clean your headphones and the cables daily, especially before use, with an anti-bacterial wipe or hand sanitiser.


While sleeping eight hours a night could be great for your health, sleeping on your pillowcases can be unfavourable for your complexion. When we toss around at night, all the oils and dirt from our hair soak into those sheets and can transfer onto our faces. If you’re an on occasional dribbler, the enzymes in your saliva are in fact incredibly irritating to skin. To reduce frequency of acne breakouts, it might help to change your bed sheets as often as possible.

Significant other

Your partner, especially if they happen to be a bearded guy could be your worst skin criminal. It’s a known fact that your husband’s untamed facial hair can irritate your delicate facial skin, causing irritation and exacerbate acne breakouts, matters made worse when your bearded boyfriend doesn’t wash as often as he should. By no means should you sacrifice your affection for one another but be sure to thoroughly clean your skin with a gentle hydrating cleanser after contact with his stubble, Skinmed’s Gentle Cleansing Gel is a fantastic product, which calms angry skin, whilst gently cleansing and toning, also reducing oil on the surface which is essentially food for acne related bacteria this is an ideal preventative measure and essential part of treating acne breakouts.

Hand cream

Slathering on hand cream is a frequent habit for many women.  Sure, the velvety formulae may be doing wonders for your hands but could be wreaking mayhem on your skin when you touch your face with your cream-infused hand. Contact with your hands after applying hand cream can clog your ‘pores’ your pores, and blocked ‘pores’ stops oil (sebum) from getting to the surface of the skin an so the bacteria which feed on sebum will get under the blockage and cause an acne breakout. Putting your hand on your face should be a big no-no anyway as this hand-to-face contact is constantly lathering bacteria onto your face, which can be contributory to an acne breakout acne breakout. You don’t however need to give up using your beloved hand creams full stop. Just try not to lay your hand on the face after using it.


A squirt of your signature perfume is an essential part of your daily routine but artificial fragrances and scents can be irritating, especially if sprayed directly on the skin. To avoid this, spray your perfume neatly on your wrists and then rub them softly against your neck to ensure there’s no surplus. You must also be mindful of the fragrances that are added to your laundry detergents and fabric softeners as these can cause skin inflammation and breakouts as well.


If you’re like most women, you allow your conditioner to soak in a few minutes and use your face and body wash during this time — big blunder. Ingredients, such as silicone and Laureth-23, are very common in many hair conditioners and deep-conditioning treatments, and these may leave your locks feeling silky smooth but are major skin-offenders and pore-cloggers. To keep your face blemish-free, make it a habit to always wash your face and body after shampooing and conditioning. 

Still having troubles?

Sometimes no matter what you do, acne breakouts are inevitable; however this makes them no less annoying, whilst you may have tried many other acne products and had no luck, we suggest you use one of Skinmed’s medically licensed Acne treatment sets to keep your pimples at bay. These new ground breaking products have a revolutionary non-antibiotic formula are definitely a sure way of preventing acne breakouts and keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. They claim they are so confident with their products, they even offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t get those desired results – they are even endorsed by top acne specialists all over Europe – so what’ve you got to lose?

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