Many adults are affected by Rosacea


Many adults are affected by an inflammatory skin disease known as rosacea, which generally appears on the nose and cheeks. Most of the time this condition is chronic, and often will randomly appear and disappear. With each flare up comes the possibility that the condition is continually getting worse. The objective of rosacea treatment is to control the disease and prevent flare ups.

Identifying and Avoiding Triggers

Each case will most likely involve different triggers. The way to determine what triggers rosacea for you is by logging situations that you are in each day. Over time, you should be able to identify patterns that will provide insight into what’s causing the condition to progress. Once the triggers have been determined, you can take steps towards avoiding them. For example, let’s say you realise that exposure to the sun results in flare ups consistently. The way to counter this would be to wear sun screen to avoid aggravating the rosacea. Rosacure® Intensive would be ideal for this as it contains an SPF 30 as well as helping normalise and strengthen the skin against future flare ups.


In certain cases, skin eruptions can be prevented with the application of antibiotics either topically or orally, however there is growing evidence that long term use of antibiotics is linked to MRSA.

Rosacure® is a rosacea treatment that was developed over a number of years and the formula has been trialled, tested, improved and trialled and tested again. The latest formulas offer significant results to over 80% of sufferers with reddening skin conditions ranging from rosacea to flushing to excessive blushing. The causes of all are different but the chemical reddening response in the face vessels and tissue is similar, which is why Rosacure® offers relief in a wide range of reddening issues. These issues include reducing the reddening response some people have when they visit skin clinics for thread veins, or facial rejuvenation techniques whereby they have chemical or physical peels, laser and light treatments or injections which can all stimulate reddening and swelling.
Rosacure® and the clinical version Synchrorose® are used as preventative measures pre clinical treatment to increase resistance to erythema.

However for those suffering from reddening skin conditions, when Rosacure® is used twice daily it can reduce redness in 10 to 14 days with further improvements from continued use. For some it takes longer and one should use for several months to get best results and to build up a level of tolerance.

Once control is achieved it is likely you will need to continue to use Rosacure® at a maintenance dosage level going forward and it should become part of your skin care routine. Rosacure®effectively increases the skin’s resistance by reducing the sensitivity to ‘triggers’.

Preparation is important for absorption of the active ingredients, so Rosacure® Gentle Cleansing Gel gently cleans the skin, removing make-up and skin debris, then normalises and softens the skin while also calming and soothing reddened areas. The system deeply and intensely nourishes the skin while boosting hydration to encourage active uptake of key ingredients and, last but not least, provides environmental protection factors.

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